Zero Wastage Leads to

Net Zero Emissions

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Circular Economy

Restoring Agricultural Land Resources


Circular Economy

Waste is an inevitable by-product of modern human society. However, the demographic increase and the increase in our living standard and level of consumption demand a heavy environmental price, both in natural resources and in the accumulation of waste from our consumer products.

Shibolet Dagan, a leading Israeli company that provides environmental and ecological solutions for food factories’ organic waste, is located in Merhavia, Israel, and it’s new branch worldwide SDeCo.

We focus on generating sustainable solutions under the Circular Economy Concept “Zero Wastage”.

We provide selected wastage solutions for the livestock environment to reduce food waste and is a 100 % wastage solutions provider of the Dairy plants in Israel.

The Problem

Global warming caused by Greenhouse’s gases emissions – Changes are Happening at a Fast Rate
Livestock Production Efficiency – Farms Optimization – Reduction of GHG’s Emissions
Methane emissions caused by landfills
Global human population increases – supply enough food to the growing population
Land is used to grow grains for feed


  • Environmental and ecological solutions for organic waste & by-products
  • Diverts waste by using a controlled process to Provide high balanced nutritional livestock feed
  • Organic waste disposal – Removal and Sustainable Recycling Solutions

GHG’s Reduction

Reduce Landfills will Reduce Methane Emissions which will lead to Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases reduction.


SDeCo ecological solutions can contribute to FREE AGRICULTURAL LAND RESOURCES, instead of growing grains and corn to feed animals we can use the same resources to grow them for the use of Human consumption.

Deeply Committed

SDeCo is willing to take part in the challenge of Reducing Carbon Emissions for a better and cleaner future.

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