Our Feed Customers


One of the most common methods in the world and Israel, in particular, is recycling by-products from industry and making them suitable for use as food for animals.
The cow, a ruminant with a unique digestive system, allows it to use waste and other by-products as a source of food nutrients. A large part of cattle feed in Israel is based on the use of food waste that can be eaten by cattle. 


Sharing a similar digestive system as Humans, The Swine needs a well-balanced diet to grow and reproduce as well as achieve butcher weight quickly. All of which will contain a mix of protein, fat, and fibers.


The Chicken needs different nutrients. Some come from additives and others from the feed. Carbohydrates, fat, acid from protein and more should be included in the feed mix to meet their genetic potential. 
Eventually, all they need is a grabbable food


Farmers all over the world are aware of the possibilities of utilizing alternative foods that lower the various production prices in the barn. The use of by-products as food for livestock of any kind, helps farmers save money while preventing environmental pollution. 

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