Sogurt Research

The effect of feeding dairy waste (Sogurt) on the performance of high yielding dairy cows

Jose Galindez1,2, Ofer Krol3, Amiel Arieli2

Ramot Menashe1 and The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment – Hebrew University of Jerusalem2, Hahaklait Veterinary Service3

Sogurt is a by-product of the dairy industry. This product consists of a mixture of dairy effluent (yogurt), coffee waste. As such, it is a solution to the ecological problems created by the dairy industry and its products. While yogurt can be considered a concentrated food based on the content of its ingredients in a dry substance, it can be estimated that the energy digested in yogurt on all its components is about 70% TDN. Since the dry matter content of the yogurt is about 35%, there is interest in determining the desired amount given to the cow per day without endangering the stability of mixed by-products.

The experiment was conducted at Ramot Menashe dairy farm in Israel. 300 high-producing cows were divided into four groups based on DIM, milk production, and lactation number, in which each cow received, alternately, about 3 kg of Sogurt. The Sogurt replaced a similar amount of dry matter: barley, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, and protected fat. The milk yield was measured 3 times daily.

Examination of the shelf life of the Sogurt showed that the material maintains relative stability during a week of air exposure.
        •sogurt can replace grain and protein sources in dairy cow rations, at
          least in 1.5 kg of dry matter, as shown from these initial results.
        •We showed that the Sogurt is not harmful; all parameters were
          similar for both groups in all 3 parameters (solid).
        •The Sogurt group shows similar results compare to the control
        •We saw that there is a decrease in the farm feeding cost.

The research proved that by using our feed, the cow maintains its milk yield and reduces the feed cost for the farmer. 

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