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Shibolet Dagan, a leading Israeli company that provides environmental and ecological solutions for food factories’ organic waste, is located in Merhavia, Israel, and it’s new branch worldwide SDeCo.
We focus on generating sustainable solutions under the Circular Economy Concept “Zero Wastage”.
We provide selected wastage solutions for the livestock environment to reduce food waste and is a 100 % wastage solutions provider of the Dairy plants in Israel.

Core services

• Wastage removal and handling from food factories and Dairies
• Livestock high balanced nutritional feed, for farms and livestock food centers – Sogurt, Whey, Brewer’s spent grain, Citrus peels, Grape stems & spent, Corn stems & spent, and much more.

ADI COHEN (SDeCo Founder)

Founder and president of Shibolet Dagan, developed an original solution to an environmental challenge.
Mr. Cohen was working for a large food factory in Israel when he realized that excess product was being burnt, producing air-polluting smoke before being buried in landfills. He became committed to eliminating environmental pollution resulting from the food industry and came up with the idea of processing excess product and turning it into feed for livestock.
Since then, the business has grown and scaled up to feed more than 85% of dairy cows in Israel

Owner & CEO of Shibolet Dagan Israel. Chairman & CTO of SDeCo.
With a degree in Business Administration, Adi has managed the family business of Recycling and Livestock feed manufacturing since 1994.
Mr. Cohen is engaged in local municipal government affairs, a partner at JFrog, an Israeli Hi-Tech company, and Partner at Tanka, a developer of patented health active bracelets.

Environmental entrepreneur, SDeCo CEO.
Mrs. Yoel holds an MBA and a degree in industrial engineering of production and marketing.
With more than 25 years of experience in senior management roles, Ilanit established new manufacturing facilities worldwide and was CEO of large-scale retail and leisure centers.
Mrs. Yoel has vast experience managing hundreds of employees in management, marketing, sales, and manufacturing positions in China, Jordan and Israel.

A media professional, Image consultant and lifestyle journalist who was based in China for 20 years, Gail brings with her not only diverse work experience but also a vast network of global connections in the media, branding, hospitality, food ingredients, food tech and wine industries.
Gail specializes in liaising between brands/professionals and the media, producing content and media engagement events, supervising and designing visual identity and public interaction activities.

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